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Day Spa San Antonio

Day Spa San Antonio

Starting in 1981, Indulgences was among the first true day spas in San Antonio.

To this day, we continue to offer one of the broadest selections of spa services available using top quality products administered by our highly trained staff of professionals.

We have a selection of over 75 services available in our San Antonio day spa, many of which have “express” versions to allow even those with busy schedules to get the pampering they need.

Since we offer so many services, some people find it difficult to choose what to get, so we’re always here to make recommendations based on your needs, your schedule, and your budget so that you can get the most out of your spa visits.

Among our more popular day spa services are:

Massage:  Various methods by a licensed massage therapist, including hot stone massage, Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, Esalen, Reiki and lomi lomi, to name a few.  We can also use aromatherapy oils that match the person’s needs, for example, if they want to feel relaxed, confident or energized. Massages here are a whole sensory experience.

Body Wraps:  Choose from 8 different custom body wraps as the ultimate “get-away-from-it-all” even if you can only spare a 90 minute block of time. Not only will you get a peaceful nap but, you will be detoxed, energized, remineralized, exfoliated, softened, smoothed and nurtured after we finish using the newest European day spa body care technology and products.  We also have body wrap treatments that  help to blast away the orange-peel looking skin caused by impurities lodged in the fat cells and connective tissue of the belly, hips, thighs and upper arms. If you are tired of spider like veins and tiny blood vessels that create road maps on your legs, we can even strengthen the walls of your vascular system and help them to virtually be reduced or even disappear with our high tech products.

Waxing:  Our San Antonio day spa’s products and skilled waxing techniques eliminate the bumps, redness, irritation and ingrown hairs that have plagued waxing aficionados in the past.  We use natural body waxing procedures using the finest products from Argentina where waxing is a way-of-life ritual. Our depilatory products leave the skin velvety smooth while helping to retard the hair growth so you can go longer in-between waxing visits.

Facials:  From the simple to the complex, each one of our 30 custom facials will have your face raving for more. Our day spa uses only the finest Janssen Cosmeceutical products developed by Dr. Walter Sacher, one of the world’s and Europe’s finest biochemists. It is now possible to take and nourish the innermost workings of the skin through our nano-technology delivery system.  Our procedures are tried and true with many of the test results spanning over 25+ years. We keep your skin looking good for a lifetime not just a quick-fix.

Nails, Hands, and Feet:  If you are scared of pedicures in the salon environment because of all the negative publicity associated with the increase in bacterial infections, worry no more! Our day spa pedicures are podiatrist endorsed and we are well trained in proper nail care procedures by doctors of podiatry while using special podiatry tools during our nail care procedures. All pedicures and manicures are not the same and it is our philosophy to provide you with our supreme spa pedicure or spa manicure. We are serious about treating and removing calluses and thickened skin to give you a soft and supple sole. Give us your hands and feet and we will guarantee that you WILL notice the distinct difference in our services from your previous experiences elsewhere.

Beauty Services:  Of course, our day spa provides top level salon and beauty services as well.  Hair, nails, makeup, and even permanent cosmetics and eyelash extensions are all available.  Combined with our other spa services, we’ll have you looking and feeling your best when you visit Indulgences.

When you want to look and feel fantastic, go ahead and indulge yourself…

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