Why Massage Therapy?

Every human being is the author of his/her health or disease.  –Buddha

We hear this gem of wisdom spoken in many cultures, Chinese, Latino, Native American, Indian and more often now in the western World.

There are many ways to be in charge of your health, meditation, yoga, exercise. regular visits to your physician and eating the proper nutritious foods.

Massage has been the element of all the above cultures as well. You may have heard about massage being implemented in Ayurvedic practice in India, Hispanic curanderas, Lomi Lomi in Hawaii and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the one-on-one touch that gives massage its unique health and healing potential.

Massage improves circulation, flexibility, digestion and elimination, insomnia, chronic stress, chronic depression, decreased immune system dysfunction, physical discomfort and pain.

Over time I will share with you specific modalities and the benefits one can enjoy from each. In the meantime, won’t you come see me for a wonderful experience of well-being and complete relaxation. Hope to see you soon!

In love and light,


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